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Welcome to Burris Fork Farms


Think you need a deep freeze and money for purchasing a whole beef or pork to eat good meat like you did growing up?  Not since you've found us on the web.  We're Tim and Roberta Shikles and our farm, Burris Fork Farms, is 6 miles southeast of California on the North Morrow and the Burris Fork Creeks. The farm sets between what used to be known as the twin bridges on the property formerly owned by my parents', Robert and Margery Kuester.

We've decided, as have many others, getting food from your local farmer is the safest way to insure that it's the healthiest available. Tim decided he'd like to be that local farmer and provide healthy meat not just for his own family, but for yours as well. We began with a produce CSA program in 2014 and added beef, pork and chicken share options in 2016. Our program has been well received and our berries and meat have been a big hit at local farmers markets this summer.

So if you, like so many others in Jefferson City and surrounding communities, care about your health, environment, and local economy, take a look at our CSA meat program which will be offered for another 16 weeks beginning in November. Or, place an on-line order for beef, pork or chicken for pick-up at the farm or one of our pick up locations in Jefferson City.

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With the repeal of the Country of Origin Law, the label on the meat you purchase from your local chain is no longer required to include the country the animal was raised or butchered, let alone how many growth hormones and antibiotics it was given before butchering.  Our meat is hormone/antibiotic free, State inspected, vacuumed sealed and frozen locally.  The animals aren't fed in a huge dry feed lot, concrete floor or confined to a building.

Food imported from other states (and even other countries) is older, has traveled for many miles and sat in distribution centers.  How safe is that?  Local food promotes a safer food supply. The more steps there are between you and your food’s source the more chances there are for contamination. We eat all the same food we provide our customers.

What about price?   When you buy directly from your farmer, you are not paying the middle man or, in some cases, several extra people.  So not only are you saving money for the best possible food, you are helping the local economy because that money is reinvested in business and services in the local community.

Have questions, give Tim a call at 573-645-3767, send us an e-mail or message us on Facebook and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.