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Why We Do What We Do

Why would a lifelong carpenter and an office manager for the State decide to take on the work involved in operating a produce and meat CSA?  Well, it all began when at 29 I was diagnosed with a rare liver disease just after delivering our third daughter. 

Tim, our family and many Christian friends helped me manage the symptoms of liver disease for 20 years. In 2013 I finally received a transplant, thanks to many prayers and an unknown selfless family who had lost their loved one but chose to help others who were in need of an organ to continue their life.

Although growing up on a farm with a mother who had taught me to feed my family healthy, living with a failing liver forced us to discover just how important it was to also know more about where our food was coming from and how many chemicals it contained.  We knew the only way to do that was to raise more of our own produce and meat.  Our choice to eat this way played a big role in keeping me healthy enough to receive the donated liver.

Just before receiving my transplant, Tim and I had moved from Russellville to my family's farm south of California.  Tim read an article about Community Supported Agriculture and decided this was a way he could help families in our local communities eat safe, chemical free produce that he was already raising for us. We began slowly, only accepting 18 families the first year.  By the second year, with most of our members returning, we added another 15 members. 

By 2016, after deciding to also give members the option to receive weekly meat delivery, 53 shares were delivered to homes in California, Eldon, Russellville and Jefferson City as well as to employees at two Capital Region locations and Jefferson City Medical Group.

Not only do we enjoy sharing our healthy food, we love to let our members experience the farm.  Kids love to see where their food comes from and we encourage our members to bring them out to see.

If you'd also like to "eat like your farmer," check out our share options or individual meat cuts under the purchase tab.  Then when you see Tim's bright yellow veggie truck in your neighborhood, you can look forward to the same yummy farm fresh food your neighbors are eating.